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Car Tire Pressure Monitors

Car Tire Pressure Monitors

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Increase your travel safety and monitor your car tire in real-time using this universal tire pressure indicator valve.


This tire pressure monitoring cap delivers a steady, precise measurement that visually indicates whether the tire is safe or under inflated. Allowing you to easily check the condition of your tire with just a single glance to avoid blowouts, rapid tire wear and car accidents. It will immediately display a visible color to indicate the state of your tires.

• Red  means it’s 25% lower than standard pressure. And you need to stop driving immediately
• Yellow  means it’s 10% lower than standard pressure. You should inflate the tires in time.
• Green  means the tire pressure is normal.

The tire pressure valve won’t fall easily even when driving through bumpy roads because of its airtight sealing ring with an increased skid resistance which also prevent leaking. Simply fasten the monitoring cap on the tire valve of your car, tighten it, and you're done.


Car Tire Pressure Monitor - Reads your tire pressure with consistently high precision then automatically displays a color-coded warning that helps to alert you ahead of time if the pressure is safe, low or too low. It provides you a safe driving condition by indicating whether your car tire is overinflated or under inflated.

Noticeable Color Indicator - It has sturdy transparent pc cover that provide clear visibility to conveniently identify the state of your car tire in just single glance. Avoid blowouts, slow leaks and rapid tire wearing to increase fuel efficiency, safety, and control.

Leak-Proof Ring - Built with a sealing ring to prevent any air leaks. With its increased skid resistance, you can drive through bumpy roads and rainy weather without losing it. 

Wide Compatibility - Applicable and fits well for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts, minivans, vans, SUVs, and more. Allowing a wide variety of vehicles to have a constant monitoring of tire pressure in just a second.

Premium Material  -  Completely weatherproof and made of high-quality chromed metal with a copper core for long-term durability and accuracy. It can withstand any extreme weather conditions without rusting, loosening, or breaking.


Material: Chromed Metal + PC

Size: 2.1 x 1cm (Approx.)

Weight:‎ 1.58 ounces


1 Basic Set includes:

4 x Car Tire Pressure Monitors


1 Premium Set includes:

4 x Car Tire Pressure Monitors

4 x Anti-theft Screw Nuts

1 x Portable Wrench

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