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Expandable Refrigerator Storage Rack

Expandable Refrigerator Storage Rack

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Expand your storage & organize messy refrigerator with these fridge drawer organizers!

Expandable Refrigerator Storage Rack fully utilizes the space of your refrigerator while adding extra compartments to categorize storage items. Convenient drawer design for easy retrieval.

This multi-functional basket can hold your favorite soda cans and refreshments and keep them all in place and easy to find.Maximize storage space by keeping food on top of and below your refrigerator shelves. These removable drawers simply clip right on — and they come in all sorts of fun colors, to boot.


  • Draw-Out Design

With convenient slot slide design, easy to draw out to put and take out content.

  • Expand Shelf Space

Expandable width to fit your space. Great idea to add shelf space in your fridge, under the desk or table. 

  • Great Ventilation

Ventilation holes at the bottom of the shelf, easy to drain and ventilate.

  • High Quality

Antimicrobial resistance and easy to clean with smooth edges, will not scrape your hand.


  • Size: 18.5*16.5*8.3CM
  • Weight: 200G
  • Color: White, Blue, Pink, Beige


1x / 2x / 4x / 6x Refrigerator Storage Rack

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